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Patrick and I have designed protective screens for our tables,

so would like to offer private holidays at some of our usual hotels.

Each hotel will have their own Co-vid 19 policy which can be

found by clicking on the more details links below.


As far as bridge is concerned, numbers will be limited to 7 tables

and a maximum of 21 boards will be played at each session.

Because numbers are restricted, priority will be given to players

with their own partner. If you don’t have one, you can ask to be

put on my list and when a suitable partner is available, you will

be offered a place on the holiday.


I shall display start times in the bridge room, so please check in

case these have to be changed from the advertised programme

because of the altered arrangements for meals.


We shall play on tables without cloths to make cleaning them

between sessions possible. Each table will have a plastic screen

which finishes approximately 6˝” above the surface of the table.You will have a clear view of both your opposition and a slightly more blurry view of your partner—see picture above!


You must wash your hands before entering and after leaving the bridge room and observe strict hygiene etiquette.


You must  wear a face covering in line with government guidance in all the public areas of the hotel, apart from when you’re eating or drinking.


It is very important to remember to wash your hands before entering and after leaving the bridge room and not to touch your face.


Each table will have its own set of boards for each session so that no one will have to touch cards handled by anyone else on the holiday.


You may bring your own bidding box or I will provide one with your name on which you can carry round the room and keep in your bedroom for the length of the holiday. Please let me know in advance so I can prepare them. I’ll allocate starting places at the first session, so let me know whether you need/prefer to play North, South, East, or West.  A reminder of who your partner is would be very helpful.


I will not be providing pens or scorecards. Only North will handle the bridgemate and press the accept button once the opposition have agreed the result verbally or by nodding. If you want me to provide you with printouts of your results or    e-mail them to you, just let me know.


As the government requires us all to keep our voices down, I’ll be issuing written instructions and using a bell to signal the end of rounds!


Prize winners will have to queue to choose their prizes. You can always pop back later if the queue is too long or you have something more pressing to do!


It is a condition of your booking that you can answer “No” to all of the following questions:


1.        Have you had the recent onset of a new continuous cough?

2.        Do you have a high temperature?

3.        Have you noticed a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell?



Most of the hotels will not charge anyone a cancellation fee at any time if you provide evidence from NHS Track and Trace that you have to self-isolate. I am doing my best to persuade those which have not yet agreed to comply with this arrangement so that no one is tempted to come when they are unwell in order not to lose money.


Both the hotels and I are doing our best to comply with the ever changing legislation and by the time the holidays start   we hope some of these requirements will have been lifted.


Let’s hope government restrictions can be relaxed soon and most of these precautions will no longer be necessary.













Screens in use at the Rendezvous Hotel, Skipton