Bridge is fun!

Terms & Conditions

Holiday Details:


1. Your bridge/hospitality fee is payable at the first bridge session and covers bridge, prizes, drinks with Helen, and hotel staff gratuities.


2. Insurance is recommended to cover hotel cancellation fees.

    Most of my hotels do not charge provided you give 48 hours’ notice, but a copy of the cancellation policy will be sent to you with your booking confirmation if they do.


3. All players are expected to conform to the rules and regulations set down by the EBU (or SBU in Scotland) and especially the ones about being a good host and a good guest at the bridge table. Helen insists bridge should be fun!


4. Prizes will be awarded per session.


5. You may play as much or as little bridge as you wish.


6. Day visitors welcome, space permitting, at £10 per session.


7. All competitive holidays will have at least 6 tables in play, otherwise guests will be offered the option of cancelling.


“Helen’s Bridge Holidays” is registered under the Data Protection Act. Your details will be passed to no one other than the hotel where we are staying.



You can cancel in writing (enclosing sae for acknowledgement) by e-mail (cancellation not effective until confirmed), or telephone to Helen (if you leave a message, cancellation will not be effective until your call is returned) provided you give 48 hours’ notice. After this time, you must speak to Helen in person or ring the hotel directly to confirm that you will not be joining us.

To contact us:

Phone  01482 845595

E-mail  helensbridgeholidays@gmail.com