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Single Players

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Helen’s Bridge Holidays

15 Hull Road


HU16 4PN

To contact us:

Phone  01482 845595

E-mail  helensbridgeholidays@gmail.com




Whilst players are welcome to come on my holidays without a partner and will be guaranteed a game at all sessions, they will  be required to take “pot luck” as far as a  partner is concerned.


Unlike larger bridge holiday companies, my budget will not stretch to employing professional partners. Consequently, there may be a restricted choice of partner, depending on how may others have come on their own. I will do my best to match players by system and experience and am happy to offer the option of cancelling if I am aware of a greater discrepancy than might be considered acceptable.


In order to match players as closely as possible it would be helpful if single players could let me know what system they play and their EBU rank, NGS status, or level of experience.